Transportation of Dangerous Goods

According to the data of the United Nations (UN), dangerous goods transportation has a share of approximately 50 percent in total freight transportation.
Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by sea, air, rail and road are of strategic importance for many industrial sectors. In general, dangerous goods senders and recipients are companies that do business in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries. The activities of these companies and the new economic relations they have established in their sectors play a key role in ensuring the sustainable economic growth of their countries. Dap offers its customers all opportunities for the international transport of dangerous goods by all means of transport, helps them optimize the logistics process, and opens up new markets in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Western Europe and Asia. Our staff determines the most appropriate delivery route, taking into account the characteristics of the load, and controls the implementation of legal, technical and sanitary conditions during the shipment period. Reliable business with transport services Thanks to our cooperation with our partners, we implement a flexible price policy and demonstrate superior service quality.

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