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Shipping to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a state in the South Caucasus. Russia in the north, north-west Georgia, Armenia, south west, south and south west Iran, Turkey (Nakhichevan border) is adjacent.
The eastern border is the Caspian Sea. Some are in Europe and some are in Asia. Its capital is Baku. Partial transportation to Azerbaijan. As our route, there are 2 shapes. One is Georgia and the other is over Iran. Azerbaijan is the first country to recognize the Ankara government in the world.
Azerbaijan is the fastest growing country in the world with a growth rate of 35 percent in 2006 and the most reforming country in 2009 according to World Bank statistics. Azerbaijan is the oldest oil exporter in the world. The first oil drilling in the world was carried out in Absheron in 1847. Azerbaijan, the first country to open Caspian oil to the West, produces the world's highest quality oil. Its main cities are Baku and young.

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