About Us

Great Experience In The Real “Door-To-Door Transport Sun Offering The Service To You As A“ Product Kullanım

Dap Logistics, enlarging the target of the successful efforts to expand its market share in the logistics sector envisaged as the locomotive of Turkey's economy in the future and aims to achieve new breakthroughs.
Our company was established in order to transport your import and export cargoes to the destination in time in international airway, maritime, railway and road transport. Our main function is to perform a team game in import, export and project transportation by performing reliable and good service.
Being at the crucial point of supply chain management gives us excitement and determination. Today, as Ddap Logistics, we are pleased to be successful in achieving our name with the role we have undertaken in developing new business models and human resources we have trained in the logistics sector.
With the investments we have made in a short time, we have reached an integrated structure that provides third party integrated logistics services. As Dap, we are proud to offer integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions to our customers in different sectors with our experience, qualified human resources and advanced technology applications.
Try our service by taking Dap Logistics as one of the companies you want to offer.
  • Our Mission

    In addition to the benefits to our business partners to achieve our target company (customers), our teammates and we believe we will, of course, for our benefit Turkey.

  • Our Vision

    By developing systems open to competition with all logistic companies operating in our country, it is among the world logistics brands as the leading brand in the country logistics sector.



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