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As Dap Logistics; We are happy to be your solution partner for logistics operations in LEBANON.
On November 22, 1943, Lebanon declared its independence from France. In 1945 he became a founding member of the Arab League and later a member of the United Nations.
The instability in neighboring countries since 1975 had a negative impact on Lebanon's domestic political and economic situation. As a result of this, internal conflicts escalated with the occupation of Israel in 1978 and 1982 and the state authority was severely weakened during this period. The infrastructure has been severely damaged and skilled labor has left the country. The Taif Agreement was signed in Saudi Arabia in 1989 and the conflict ended in October 1990.
The constitution of 21 September 1990, which was adopted immediately following the Taif Peace Agreement, is currently the basis of Lebanon's constitutional system. The constitution states that the Republic of Lebanon has an independent and unified structure, and also issues such as parliamentary democracy, private property, free market economy and balanced regional development.
The political system includes legislative, executive and judiciary as well as a range of control and balance mechanisms based on the principle of ayr separation of powers.. The 128-member Parliamentary elections are held every 4 years. The executive consists of the President and the Council of Ministers (Government). In the Establishment Legislation; It is accepted that the president is a Christian and the president of the Parliament is Muslim (Shia) and the Prime Minister is Muslim (Sunni). The judicial system consists of the Administrative Court and the Judicial Courts. The highest court is the Constitutional Court.

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