Transporting Large and Heavy Loads

Dap provides all the logistics and transport services necessary for the international transport of household appliances.
Recently, the household goods and electronics market has recorded steady growth. According to experts, the turnover of the high-tech market (audio and visual electronics, large household appliances, office and telecommunications equipment, computer equipment) increased by 3-15 percent compared to last year.
Increased demand for high-tech products and the stabilization of the market, the average consumer's economic situation is explained by the decline and the formation of positive consumer expectations. Therefore, the demand for electronic goods transportation has increased. Dap assists its customers in the transport of electronic and large household goods, regardless of the market situation. Our company organizes freight forwarding to different European, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Baltic, Balkan, East and Central Asian countries.
Our experienced employees determine the most convenient transportation route by taking into account the customer's wishes and the characteristics of the load and calculate the cost of moving household appliances. The cost of each household appliance is calculated individually. The cost is determined by various factors such as the volume of the load, the transport route, and the technical characteristics of the loading and unloading works. No matter where the transport address is, Dap handles delivery within the agreed time. Thanks to our efficient cooperation with international shipping companies, we implement a flexible pricing policy and provide Swiss quality service.

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