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Logistics Service

It is a serious and sensitive work to ensure that a product is kept at the right temperature during the transportation process from production to reaching the consumer.
Dap Logistics is one of the leading cold chain transportation companies in the country.
Dap Lojistik applies the processes it sets its rules in the distributions it has made in accordance with the quality procedures. Dap Logistics, in the summer months, especially during the cold, dry, dry products by preventing the deterioration of the daily consumed food products are delivered in the most healthy way.
Dap Logistics, customers, products, in order to reach the consumer intact and in the healthiest way, engages in one of Turkey's largest car Filoli cold chain logistics system with its own management efficiently.
It carries out FRC, ADR and GDP certified vehicles in accordance with different temperature ranges for its customers in the food sector.
With the vehicle tracking system, the position, temperature, fuel and speed information of the vehicles in the vehicles can also be monitored. Within the scope of food safety, disinfection of distribution vehicles equipped with in - car camera, data logger, in - car curtain, hydraulic lift and pallet truck is carried out at regular intervals and tow - trailer and cooler unit maintenance is performed at specified intervals.
Dap Logistics develops effective solutions in its distribution models thanks to its information systems infrastructure. Thanks to the software program that allows to plan and monitor the logistics processes developed within its structure, vehicle movement rout plans to be exited from all locations are made, flights are created and reported.




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