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Railway Transportation

Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, CIS countries / countries in the import and export shipments by rail or wagon or border delivery service.
Dap Logistics, which selects the appropriate wagons according to the type of goods and makes the transportations in high quality environments, follows new projects to increase the activity of the rail transport in the international freight transport market, thus creating competition in the transportation time and freight. Dap Logistics, which is also among the services of transferring the cargoes and containers coming to the ports to the third countries by rail and delivering them to the final buyer, can easily carry out the process of changing the wagon axles or transferring the wagons in stations where railway line clearances are different with its professional technical team.
Why Rail?
Annual fixed price guarantee
Door to door delivery.
Periodically reciprocal expedition days.
Higher capacity in terms of tonnage.
It is not affected by climate conditions and road bans, it is a safer transportation system.

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