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Domestic (National) Distribution Services

Domestic land transport logistics of Turkey's leading carriers in Dapa!
Domestic Distribution / National Distribution Center of the Dap products that customers receive the address of logistics in Turkey's 81 provinces, 957 districts address in the factory, warehouses, shopping centers, construction sites, villages, ETC. non-stop delivery service.
Thanks to the satellite tracking system, we intervene our vehicles instantly according to the needs of our customers and direct the most appropriate type of vehicle to the points our customers want. In this way, Dap Logistics receives the products of its customers as soon as possible and has the opportunity to deliver its products to the final point as soon as possible.
All of the solution partners that Dap Logistics works with have the authorization certificates required by the road transport law.
Your products are delivered by Dap Logistics, until the last address is guaranteed by insurance.
You can track the delivery status of your products and past shipments via online CRM system and create reports as you wish.

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