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Food Transportation

Dap Logistics, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit transportation, all kinds of dry food, canned food, pickles, beverages, etc. We also carry out food transportation.

Being aware of the importance of hygienic conditions and the importance of delivery time of products with a certain shelf life, our expert staff learns all the customer requirements while planning and offers information to our customers about the service details. As it is a food, heat and hygiene conditions are very important and it is a factor that affects human health directly. For this reason, all transportation conditions of the food type to be transported from our customers are taken and the temperature and humidity control of the vehicle is monitored during the road and if storage service is to be provided, storage conditions are also provided in accordance with customer requirements. Our expert staff is aware of all the material losses that may be caused by wrong planning and direction and the consequences of product deterioration in human health and informs all our drivers and technical personnel about this. Depending on the type of food to be transported, it is transported by awning or refrigerated vehicles.

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